VYC industrialbears its corporate image in mindand wants it to transmit faithfully its quality work, R+D, continuous improvement and the effort to respond to its customer’s needs. For this reason, it has recently presented the new versions of its brochures 

The redesign arises as a result of the need to modify the appearance of the previous version, but without losing the image that characterizes it. To do this, the approach that was given aimed to bring the brochure to life by using different colors and textures. After considering several possibilities of modification, it was decided to apply to the different sections of the brochure a background with a texture in the form of condensation, characteristic of the products that are in contact with liquids and steam, and that had previously been applied to the corporate image brochure of  VYC industrialAll of this modernize its appearance and provide personality, as well as homogenizing the different VYC brochures.

We always priorize the detailed technical information in the catalogues.