We are pioneers in the study, the design and the manufacture of all types of intercepting and control valves for fluids. Within our wide range of safety valves  the normal safety valve with spring loading (model 295 and 296) is relevant.

Model 295 – Thread connection

Model 296 – Flange connection

It is a valve that works as an automatic pressure releasing regulator activated by the static pressure existing at its entrance. It consists in two phases:
1. Pressure increase opening
2. Instantly and totally opening


  • EP closed cap with lever
  • AP open cap with lever
  • ES closed cap without lever


  • 90º angular flow
  • Activated by direct action helicoid spring
  • Simplicity of construction ensuring minimum maintenance
  • Materials carefully selected for their resistance to corrosion
  • Internal body designed to offer favourable flow profile
  • Seat and sealing disk balanced, making them extremely tightness
  • Great discharge capacity
  • Deflector nut designed to make easier the steam expansion, a sudden opening and to measure the blowdown of any fluid (Blowdown)
  • Absolute opening and closing precision
  • Equipped with draining screws for removing condensation
  • Orientation of the lever by rotation
  • All the valves are supplied sealed at the set pressure requested, simulating operational conditions, and are vigorously tested
  • All the components are numbered, registered and checked

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