Steam trap audits

VYC Industrial, SAU offers its customers the possibility of hiring plant inspections by means of the ultrasonic leak detection technique.

With this inspection technique our personnel can detect leaks and malfunctions in steam traps, safety valves and any other valve for the interception and regulation of fluids.

Fluid leakages generate constant losses in the premises, directly resulting in:

  • a significant reduction in the energy efficiency of the system.
  • a greater necessity to generate steam, compress air, pump fluids, etc.

These losses ultimately lead to a greater economic cost for the production process and, consequently, a loss of competitiveness for the company.

To curb these rises in costs and to improve efficiency, competitiveness and, of course, respect for the environment, our specialised technical personnel will individually identify each item of equipment, record its location to ensure large premises do not become a maze and every item of equipment is inspected and audit each of them with the most advanced equipment for ultrasonic leak measurement techniques.

After obtaining the field records and processing them in our system, a detailed report will be generated for all the inspected equipment, with clear and concise results.

We will evaluate and quantify the energy losses, the  rectification costs and the amortization period. The scheduling of regular inspections enables monitoring of the evolution of the facility, comparing the results obtained from one inspection to another. This history is always available to the customer.



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