More control, more security, more quality

Offering the maximum quality guarantees in our products is always a priority. That’s why we have incorporated a new spectrometer in the VYC industrial verification department in order to determine the chemical composition of ferrous and non-ferrous metal samples.

This allows us to verify right away that each and every one of the metals provided by our suppliers comply with the standards regulation requested and that the certifications are in accordance with reality.

Moreover, all raw materials are checked and inspected by our quality control department. We carry out documental, formal, dimensional and functional verifications. Destructive and non-destructive tests. Metallographic tests. We use three-dimensional verification equipment, gauges, durometers, microscopes, reflection lamps, tensile tests, spring tests, ultrasounds, X-rays, penetrating liquids, magnetic particles, among many others.

We like to get better day by day