If our 2019 was a year marked by innovation, this 2020 follows the same vein. We recently presented, within check valves and filters section, the two Y filters Models 090 and 191, expanding again our costumer’s product offer.

Models 090 y 191

The Y-filter enables the filtration and accumulation of suspended solid particles, dragged by fluids, for their subsequent removal. In this way, we protect water control and regulation equipment underneath the filter and prevent collateral damage.

Technical specifications

Model 090


Model 091

ConnectionFlange x Flange
DN15 to 200
MaterialNodular iron PN-16
Carbon Steel. PN-40
Stainless Steel. PN-40

ConnectionFemale thread GAS
Female thread NPT
Welding ends SW
R¼” a 2”
MaterialStainless Steel. PN-40

  • Designed to be environmentally friendly.
  • Materials carefully selected for their resistance to wear, temperature and corrosion.
  • Filter free from silicones and asbestos.
  • Simple construction.
  • Assembly vertically downwards or horizontally with the cover on the lower section. Easy installation.
  • Interior design of the body is designed to provide a favourable flow profile. This guarantees a very low-pressure loss.
  • Long life cycle with high operating efficiency.
  • Threaded cap that facilitate drainage, maintenance and cleaning of the strainer. Practically maintenance-free.
  • Each one of the filters is rigorously tested and checked.
  • All of the components are numbered, registered and controlled.

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