A few months ago VYC industrial provided financial backing to L’Home Llop, a short film directed by Lluís Sellarès which has arisen as the final project of Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC). It was shot between 16 and 26 October 2015 in different locations of the country and it was presented in cinema with popular acclaim.

On film festivals tour

Ever since its premiere, L’Home Llop has been selected to participate in different film festivals around the world like:

  • Premier Plans d’Angers (France)
  • Madrid Film Festival
  • Albacete Film Festival
  • Malaga Film Festival
  • San Sebastian Film Festival
  • Belgium Film Festival
  • Nico Roig, the main actor, won the award of the best actor in Aviles Festival

The story of L’Home Llop

L’Home Llop is a funny and absurd reflection on fear. Miquel (Nico Roig) is entering on a new life stage with Charlotte (Mar del Hoyo) and lives in fear of not measuring up to it. One day he will go into the terrible depths of the forest and experience a process of change: from a boy to a man, from a domesticated beast to a wild wolf. All to recover the fur coat lost by Charlotte and achieve maturity.

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