The “Warriors” are 6 Senior High School students from Vedruna Vall School of Terrassa. Within the framework of the subject Robotics, they developed a robot that led them to win the regional and state “Vex Robotics Competition”. It is an international educational robotics competition in which teams have to build innovative robots to overcome a certain challenge.
Next stop: VEX WORLD 2019

But they not only won the two competitions. Moreover, they achieved excellence, a recognition given to the most complete team. This fact gives them direct place for the world championship VEX WORLD 2019, which will take place from April 24 to 27 in Kentucky, United States. The event will host more than 20,000 teams from 50 different countries that have participated in more than 1,700 competitions around the world. The “Warriors” components emphasize that it is “a unique and enriching opportunity on a personal and professional level”.

Commitment to young talent
VYC Industrial has a special sensitivity for entrepreneurship, young talent, enthusiasm and effort, and is one of the sponsors that will help making the project a reality.
Congratulations for the success achieved! VYC encourages you to play a great role at VEX WORLD 2019 in Kentucky. It is an honor to accompany you in such an exciting adventure and to be a symbolic part of your project.
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