Maximum exponents

Heights of almost 2 meters, weights of 660 kg and nominal diameters up to DN-400×500. Do you know the most extreme physical and functional characteristics of VYC valves?

Then, a sample of the different ranges and capacities we can cover with our most sophisticated valves produced to date:


DN-10 toDN-400×500
We manufacture from DN-10 to DN-400×500.


144 pressure bar
We work under pressure. We can reach pressures up to 144 bar.

2777768 l/h Water
161353 kg/h Steam
188988 Nm³/h Air
Diameters up to DN-400×500 at cracking pressures of 6 bar. That means that, every 73 minutes, we are able to discharge a Flow rate equivalent to the volume of an Olympic-size swimming pool.

-196º C to 450º C
From the lowest to over 400 ºC, we withstand all kinds of temperatures.

Wide range of materials
Cast iron, nodular iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass…
We standardise over 6 different materials and other options are available on request.

But that’s not all! We evolve day by day. We research and develop different formulas to be able to offer new products, making sure we keep on meeting the needs of the market and with an ambitious projection for the future.