VYC industrial tries to maximize the efficiency of its resources and make the most of them. In its commitment to fluid communication and without limits, the company, leader in the manufacture of intercepting and control valves for fluids, share their knowledge with the sector and develops the Materials Selection Application.

Discover it in 10 points!

  1. Compatibility fluids application conceived by VYC
  2. Application designed for users of valves, engineering services or users who have to prescribe or select a valve
  3. It provides the data on the compatibility of the most common fluids and the metallic and elastic components used in valves
  4. Useful application to redefine the components needed to form a specific valve.
  5. It allows you to select fluid, check the results and download them in PDF format to have it on hand
  6. The information you will find below has been supplied to VYC by other accredited sources, but it should be used solely as a guide during the selection of the valve and its components
  7. We recommend discussing it with the valve’s end user, who is the person who has the best understanding of the compatibilities of his fluids
  8. VYC does not guarantee that the information provided is accurate or complete or that any material is suitable for any purpose
  9. Agile and intuitive resource to use

Operational application 24 hours a day, 365 days a year