Using thermal insulation in your installation is an investment, as well as an easy-to-apply and cost-effective saving and maintenance measure, with an almost immediate payback period.
Steam systems in the industry have an average operating temperature of 150 °C, which means a significant loss of energy due to heat transfer and, therefore, an additional cost on your bills at the end of the month if the valves and components of the system do not have the proper insulation.
From VYC industrial, we offer you our thermal and acoustic insulation textile jackets model 008, with which you can insulate your valves in a quick and easy way, as the jackets are made to measure and are placed as a cover, in addition to being fastened by Velcro adjustment strips, which allow easy repositioning and access to the valve if necessary.
The jackets not only reduce radiation heat losses from the valves by up to 90%, they also provide sound insulation and protect them from inclement weather, thus preventing premature wear of the external components.

Temperature indicator
Avoid burn accidents with the visual temperature indicator, included in all VYC jackets.

Leak detection system
On request, a leak detection system can be incorporated..

Advantages and specifications:

· Energy saving
· Noise reduction
· Jackets made to measure for the valves
· Designed to withstand temperatures of +500 ºC
· Reduced valve heat loss by up to 90%. · Reduced valve wear
· Quick and easy repositioning of the jacket
· Possibility of being fitted to any valve on the market*
· Possibility of being manufactured in other materials
· Possibility of adaptation to different environments (marine environments, acid products, waterproof…).

* Only original VYC products will provide the maximum warranty.

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