Model 614 

For a higher pressure reduction from DN-25 to DN-50.





We have expanded our family of mixing pressure reducing valves with the addition of the new 614 direct action pressure reducing valve.





It features a larger connection size than its smaller version, the 514. The new model 614, starting from a nominal diameter of DN-25 and reaching a maximum of DN-50, admits steam flow rates up to 1333kg/h.




Furthermore, it can be assembled with PN-16 EN-1092-1 flanges and ASME/ANSI 150Ibs B.16.5 flanges. We also offer the possibility of manufacturing in different materials for special working conditions (high temperatures, fluids, etc.).

614_IMG_3 Available in:

  • Nodular cast iron
  • Carbon steel

Technical specifications:

  • Environmentally friendly design and concept.
  • Materials carefully selected for resistance to wear, extreme temperatures and corrosion. They can be fully recycled, and use a single non-metallic asbestos-free joint.
  • Simplicity of design, ensuring minimum maintenance requirements.
  • Easy installation; may be assembled in any position, even upside down.
  • Interior design conceived for maximum capacity and performance for size..
  • Long life cycle with high operational efficiency.
  • Self-centring lock, independent of axle, designed to guarantee absolute precision of regulation at the most demanding points.
  • Each component is numbered, registered and inspected.

Optimum to work with:

  • Steam
  • Gases



The performance and operation of the valves is tested, checked and verified in our fluid dynamic testing laboratory, achieving highly satisfactory results and thus guaranteeing that they are all in optimum operating conditions at the time of delivery.


More information about 614 model here